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Landscape Lighting Bend Oregon

With all of the beautiful real estate in Bend Oregon nothing enhances the elegance of your home or business property at night like high quality landscape lighting. Of course not all landscape lighting is created equal , you can purchase some very basic kits at your hardware store and be up and running in...
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Backflow Testing Bend Oregon

When it comes to backflow testing on your water and irrigation systems the city of Bend Oregon has some very specific requirements as to what assemblies can be used and when testing must be done. The issue of backflow is important and ensures that no contaminates enter the municipal drinking water system which is...
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Irrigation Services Bend Oregon

Bend is central Oregon's largest city and has been rated as one of the best places to live in the country. Although relatively modest in size it still has the feel of a large metropolitan area with plenty of shopping , entertainment and modern amenities. If you love the outdoors there is plenty do there as...
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Irrigation Remodel

If your having having problems with an existing irrigation system we can help you diagnose the problems and improve the efficiency of the existing irrigation system with an irrigation remodel....
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