$65.00 for the first 1-5 Zones $8.50 for each additional zone

Spring is here and Miller Irrigation is ready to help with your irrigation needs. Starting off the season with a properly functioning irrigation system is key to a healthy lawn and garden.

We will begin our SPRING START UP SERVICE as early as March 16th. This Service includes:

• Checking the main shut off for leaks.
• Checking the double check for leaks, tightness, and necessary pressure.
• Inspect for properly functioning irrigation valves.
• Making necessary sprinkler adjustments for efficient water coverage.
• Checking the system for broken sprinkler heads and replacing if needed.
• Checking the system for clogged nozzles and replacing if needed.
• Cleaning around sprinkler heads when needed for water efficiency.
• Cleaning irrigation controller.
• Setting times for irrigation zones and weather conditions.
• Clients with pumps will have pumps reinstalled and checked for proper functioning.
• Filters of pump systems will be cleaned.
• Install suction lines and inspect frost valve.

If a larger repair is needed during the SPRING START UP SERVICE, we will contact the homeowner or manager to discuss any necessary repairs. Upon owner’s approval, the repair will either be fixed immediately or rescheduled depending on the type of repair.


The Backflow Test will include the following:

• Inspection and testing of the double check backflow.
• Inspection and testing of the RP device.
• Testing to ensure potable water supplies are not contaminated or polluted due to backflow.

To schedule your Spring start up and irrigation services, please call our office at 541-388-0190

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