Spring is the time of year to test and evaluate the working condition of your sprinklers and irrigation systems. The winter with its harsh temperatures and severe weather can play havoc with sprinkler heads, pipes, drip systems and other components.

Miller Irrigation offers Spring Start Up Services in Bend Oregon for business, residential and agricultural environments as one of its many services

Starting off the season with a properly functioning irrigation system is key to a healthy lawn and garden. Here at Miller Irrigation we understand how important it is to protect the investment you have in your landscaping.

Miller Irrigation has been serving Bend Oregon and surrounding areas since 2004 and has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and integrity.

Our professional technicians will make a trip to your property and turn on, inspect, and adjust your entire irrigation system. Below is checklist we through when performing our Spring Start Up Services.

• Checking the main shut off for leaks.
• Checking the double check for leaks, tightness, and necessary pressure.
• Inspect for properly functioning irrigation valves.
• Making necessary sprinkler adjustments for efficient water coverage.
• Checking the system for broken sprinkler heads and replacing if needed.
• Checking the system for clogged nozzles and replacing if needed.
• Cleaning around sprinkler heads when needed for water efficiency.
• Cleaning irrigation controller.
• Setting times for irrigation zones and weather conditions.
• Clients with pumps will have pumps reinstalled and checked for proper functioning.
• Filters of pump systems will be cleaned.
• Install suction lines and inspect frost valve.