With all of the beautiful real estate in Bend Oregon nothing enhances the elegance of your home or business property at night like high quality landscape lighting.

Of course not all landscape lighting is created equal , you can purchase some very basic kits at your hardware store and be up and running in just a few hours.

However if your looking for something different , something unique in landscape lighting  for your residential or commercial property then let Miller Irrigation show you all the options available on the market today.

With the technology available today using LED low voltage lights and digital lighting controls via your smart phone app , you can turn your landscape into a work of art that even your neighbors will enjoy.

Imagine a landscape lighting system that can be changed with the touch of a keyboard or smart phone to any color combination you want, you can even have have presets for Christmas , Halloween and the Fourth of July !

Of course having a system using low voltage LED bulbs will help keep your electric bills lower while still allowing you to enjoy the beauty and security of a well lit business or residential property.

Miller Irrigation is an authorized dealer for high quality landscape lighting products and is also a licensed contractor serving Bend Oregon and surrounding areas , so give us call today at 541-388-0190 and lets get started !