Irrigation and sprinkler system technology has changed dramatically over the years and now might be the time to have your outdated system remodeled.

The climate here in Bend Oregon as we all know is high desert, so water conservation is always a priority when it comes to landscape irrigation.

Here at Miller Irrigation we have years of experience in remodeling existing irrigation systems so they will perform better and keep your landscaping healthier all year long.

We have built relationships with industry leaders in the irrigation industry and our staff member have in depth knowledge and training on installing Smart Irrigation Controllers, Weather Sensors, Soil Moisture Sensors,High Efficiency Spray Nozzles and a host of other water saving irrigation products.

We can take a look at your current irrigation system and let you know what areas need improvement and come up with solutions that can fit your property needs and your budget!

So give Miller Irrigation a call today at 541-388-0190 and let us help you in making the right choice in your irrigation remodel project. Miller Irrigation is the number one choice in Bend Oregon !