A properly designed irrigation system is crucial to ensuring your landscaping is healthy and getting just the right amount of water, not too much and not too little.

Since the climate in Bend Oregon is classified as high desert, and has an average yearly rainfall of only 11 inches per year, we need to understand that we are living in a desert, which is why water conservation is so critical in central Oregon.

When it comes to designing the proper irrigation system for your home or business here in Bend Oregon, Miller Irrigation should be your number one choice.

With years of experience in Irrigation Design, Installation and Repairs we know exactly what is needed to keep your landscaping looking it’s best through out the growing season.

We also use the best products when designing your irrigation system as well as knowing when and where to implement it.

Over the years we have built relationships with manufactures like Irrotrol , Hunter , RainBird and Toro to make sure we are providing state of the art irrigation products and at competitive pricing.

Residential and business landscaping requires a combination of irrigation systems such as sprinklers,drip systems, timers , sensors and a variety of other technologies that together create the optimum system for your property.

So give us a call at 541-388-0190 or Contact Us via email and let us know how we can help you design the best irrigation system for your landscaping and your budget.