We all depend on our irrigation systems in Bend Oregon to keep our trees, shrubs , flowers , lawns and gardens alive and thriving in our high desert climate.

We don’t often think about them while they are working properly , timers maintain the flow of water at the right time and spray nozzles and drip systems deliver water to the right place.

However when pipes get damaged or worn out , spray nozzles break ,or  when timer systems stop functioning properly, it doesn’t take long before we notice the effects of a broken system.

The most common side effects are  of course are too much water or not enough ,  sprinklers that are watering the sidewalks or dying vegetation starting to show up in our landscape.

That’s when its time to call Scott Miller of Miller Irrigation and let us diagnose and repair your irrigation system so that you can go back to enjoying your lush and beautiful landscaping.

After all you have a lot of time and money invested in your commercial and residential properties and landscaping plays an important role in the value of that investment.

So don’t wait any longer , give us a call today at 541- 388- 0190 or fill out our contact form and let us help you ensure that your future looks green !