Are you a business owner in Bend Oregon looking for an experienced and reliable company to handle all of your irrigation system needs ? Then look no further than Miller Irrigation.

Scott Miller of Miller Irrigation has been designing, installing and repairing irrigation and sprinkler systems for local businesses since 2004.

We also perform remodel services on existing irrigation and sprinkler systems where we update them with the latest in irrigation technology to ensure they are meeting all water conservation guidelines.

Like all business owners you have a signifigant investment in the landscaping of your commercial properties , whether it be a store front, apartment complex , strip mall or other properties where attractive landscaping is important.

And of course to keep your landscaping looking good all year long , you need to have a well designed and maintained irrigation and sprinkler system in place.

Here at Miller Irrigation we use only high quality irrigation products from the top manufactures in the industry to ensure that any system we design and install will give you many years of service.

So give a call today at 541-388-0190 or contact us via email and let’s schedule an appointment for a free estimate on your next  commercial irrigation project.