When it comes to backflow testing on your water and irrigation systems the city of Bend Oregon has some very specific requirements as to what assemblies can be used and when testing must be done.

The issue of backflow is important and ensures that no contaminates enter the municipal drinking water system which is vital to any community.

Essentially backflow is the undesirable  flow of non-potable water or other contaminates through a cross connection and into the  public water system or consumer’s potable water system.

For example, without backflow protection, attaching a chemical sprayer to a garden hose for fertilizing your yard or for use with herbicides and insecticides can create a cross connection with potential health hazards to the public water supply .

One of the causes of backflow can come from an unexpected drop in water pressure allowing water from a contaminated source  to flow back into the municipal water system.

To ensure your plumbing and irrigation systems meet the requirement for proper backflow assemblies and testing Miller Irrigation is the right choice.

Miller Irrigation is not only experienced with installing , maintaining and repairing  water systems  we are also  license and certified in the state of Oregon for backflow installation and testing.

Keep in mind backflow assemblies must be tested at the time of installation, annually after installation, after repairs and after relocating , so give us a call today at 541-388-0190 and let Miller Irrigation put your mind at ease.