Backflow Testing

BackFlow Testing

Have you received a letter in the mail from the City of Bend requiring a Backflow Test?

What you should know:

The following state approved backflow assemblies are required to be installed per City of Bend Standards and Specifications, and must be tested by a State of Oregon DHS Certified Backflow Assembly Tester upon installation, if moved or repaired and at least annually thereafter(Oregon Administrative Rules, 333-061-0070):

1. Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assemblies (PVBA)

2. Double Check Valve Assemblies (DCVA)

3. Reduced Pressure Backflow Assemblies (RPBA)

Improper installations of a State of Oregon approved backflow assembly or failure to have the backflow assembly tested as required are grounds for termination of the water service (city of bend web site).


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